Visual epistemology is my primary interest. Expressing a personal vision requires perception, creativity, cognition, and composition. Epistemology (the study of knowledge) connects philosophy, psychology and religion.

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Foundational courses in drawing, design and art theory are my primary commitment. A background in printmaking (relief, lithography and intaglio) provides a basis for additional coursework, especially visual books. I also teach intensive workshops in creativity, time design, concept development and visual narrative and courses in curriculum design and pedagogy.


As Director of the Florida State University Foundations program from 2006-2012, I oversaw up to seventy class sections each year. For details on this program, go to sample curriculum.


My most important publication to date is Launching the Imagination: A Comprehensive Guide to Basic Design. First published in three versions by McGraw-Hill in 2002, this textbook is designed to provide first-year students with the best possible foundation for their careers as artists and designers in the 21st century.


My consulting work focuses on Foundations Program curriculum development and implementation, Foundations pedagogy, creativity and visual narrative. Fees range from $500 to $1000 a day, depending on the number and complexity of the workshops and lectures scheduled.