Since 2001 I have focused on foundational education, including courses in Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Three-Dimensional Design, and Digital Foundations. A sample mission statement and curricular overview follows, with links to specific courses.

Sample Curriculum


The Florida State University Foundations Program provides beginning art and design students with the fundamental skills, knowledge, and experiences essential to their further development as visual arts professionals. To maximize learning, each course includes challenging and purposeful assignments, high expectations, and a strong sense of adventure.


In the Foundations Program, students will be encouraged to expand their technical skills, develop their critical judgment, explore interdisciplinary connections, refine their personal goals, and increase their understanding of contemporary art and design. Inventive concepts fuel development of compelling compositions and constructions. Our curriculum is designed to provide a solid basis on which BA and BFA programs in the School of Art & Design can be built.


Upon successful completion of the Art and Design Foundations Program, students will have achieved:

  • An ability to develop and solve visual problems using a variety of ideation strategies;
  • Understanding of the basic elements and principles of design and the ability to use them effectively;
  • Means of translating ideas into images, objects and experiences using a wide range of art materials, methods, and processes;
  • A capacity to think critically and write and speak clearly about many forms of visual experience;
  • Knowledge of contemporary visual expression in art, design, and the kinetic arts;
  • A work ethic that reflects integrity, teamwork, dedication to professional growth, social responsibility and the confidence to take risks.

Sample Foundations Studio Courses

ART 1300: Drawing Foundations
ART 1201: Two-Dimensional Foundations
ART 1203: Three-Dimensional Foundations
ART 1602 Digital Imaging Foundations

Lecture Courses
ART 1000 Success Strategies in Art and Design
ART 2003 Contemporary Art Foundation

Printmaking Course
PRT 201:Relief

Exploring Visual Narrative
No-Tech and Low-Tech Time Design