In this two- to five- day workshop, a wide range of narrative strategies will be presented, using “no-tech” photocopies and “low-tech” computer programs, such as Powerpoint or iMovie. Workshop pace and content will work best for intermediate students and highly motivated beginners.


  • To explore various multiple image relationships, (graphic, spatial, conceptual and rhythmic)
  • To experiment with temporal variations, such as in duration, tempo, and chronology
  • To encourage risk-taking. This workshop is based on divergent thinking: a willingness to suspend expectations and immerse oneself in an exploratory process. We will focus on learning through doing, rather than learning through detached observation.
  • To develop critical judgment. Hands-on work will be punctuated with frequent discussions.

Intensive workshop, including lectures, demos, crits, break-out sessions.

Supplies Per Person

  • 30 sheets 6×18″ black construction paper
  • roll scotch tape
  • 3 light colored prismacolors
  • flash drive
  • Macintosh Computer.
  • We also need photocopier in room.

BASIC SCHEDULE (details to be developed with host school)

  • Day 1: Multiple Image Relationships; basic book construction
  • Day 2: The Decisive Moment; expanded book construction
  • Day 3: Temporal Variations; Imovie or Powerpoint basics
  • Day 4: Changing the Setting Changes the Story
  • Day 5: Final project development and critique

The Gift of Stories, Atkinso
The Writing Life, Dillard
Writing Down the Bones, Goldberg
A World in Light, Sarton
Composing a Life, Bateson
Story, McKee
Examples: Mama Makes Up Her Mind, Bailey White
The Things I’ve Got Growing Deep Down Inside, Jo Van Arkel, most of Garrion Keeler
The Oxford Book of Ages, Sampson